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Whoever Said "You Can't Track Email Open Rates" Obviously
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"Discover How To Effectively Track Your Advertising Including HTML Email Open Rates So You Gain MUCH MORE Power From Your Promotions & Save Money!"

There's One Important Factor That Many Online Marketers Are Overlooking... And You Should Make Sure You Know About It -- It's That Crucial To Your Success!

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From Rohit Seth
CEO, Your Free World Scripts

If you're an active marketer like many thousands online, and you aren't tracking your advertising, then you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table to be snapped up by your competition. According to online marketing research, most advertisers waste an estimated HALF of their advertising spending!

But thanks to the power of the internet, advertising is becoming less wasteful and its value more measurable. But only if you take the right action... That's why it's absolutely critical to the survival of your business that you track all advertising campaigns. Doing so is a smart move, and provides the data required to analyze the statistics to see where your sales are coming from, what works and what doesn't work. And now you can also track how many people are opening and reading your emails as well!

Simply put, if you don't track, you lose track! If you lose track of your business, where do you think it will go? Down the drain, just like your advertising dollars.

The information collected by tracking software is extremely important if you want to make the most of your advertising dollar. It empowers you to make the right decisions for the success of your business, and not leave anything to chance.



The worldwide advertising industry is likely to be worth $428 billion in revenue this year, according to ZenithOptimedia, a market-research firm. Greg Stuart, the author of a forthcoming book on the industry and the boss of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade association, estimates that advertisers waste—that is, they send messages that reach the wrong audience or none at all—$112 billion a year in America and $220 billion worldwide, or just over half of their total spending.

But which half is being wasted?
Do YOU know?

If you don't know which half is being wasted...
then isn't it time you found out & saved on wastage?

Imagine having the power of knowing at-a-glance
how many people opened your email yesterday, the day before...
even 2 weeks ago!



Think back to the last time you actively promoted your business... then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Was your campaign a success?
  2. If you promoted via several advertising vehicles, which ones performed better in terms of opt-ins or sales?
  3. If you're an email marketer, which ad copy works the best from the range of advertising materials that you use?
  4. If you sent a series of promotions out to the same list, which emails generated the best response? The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th?
  5. Which forms of advertising work best for your business? Solo ads, classified ads, PPC search engine placements, banners ads or display ads?
  6. Which advertising outlets bring you the highest Return On Investment (ROI)?
  7. How many emails are opened that you send out via email campaigns?

If you're unsure about the answers to any of these questions, then you need to include ad tracking in your business procedures before you go belly-up!

If you're under the impression that tracking advertising statistics is difficult work only suitable for mathematicians, then you need to learn more about it. Because that's totally untrue.

Tracking your advertising isn't as hard as you might imagine... In fact, it's easy!

We've taken the results of our own marketing research into account, and added a few extra features, to make it quick and easy for online marketers to effectively track their advertising campaigns and analyze the results.

St@tAnalyzer makes it easy for you to see at-a-glance which type of advertising is paying off the best for you, and which advertising outlets have the most responsive audience for your business. Once you're armed with this kind of information, you can make more sound business decisions in the future to increase your revenue, and reduce your overheads.

How can YOUR business benefit from becoming a member of


Finally, track all of your advertising and access it from one central online location in real-time.


Track ad campaigns, referrals, pay-per-clicks and search results.


No installation required, meaning that you're up and running in minutes.


Takes seconds to add/edit tracking to new/existing campaigns.


View detailed statistical reports on the performance of your advertising campaigns.


Save money by eliminating poorly performing advertising and promotional campaigns.


Create and track an unlimited number of advertising campaigns for no additional cost.


Here's an example of what you'll see when you want to analyze the open rate statistics of your email advertising campaigns.

Simply click the Stats button next to the campaign you wish to check.

Then you can effectively see how many times your email has been viewed, how many
unique times and details of the IP address, date and time that your email was viewed!

Here's an example of what you'll see when you check the statistics of your cloaked links:

Simply enter a campaign name, the web site URL you are promoting, choose from 4 different domain names to cloak your link, choose whether to completely cloak your link or not and the location of the frame... or NO frame! Our system will generate a new link for you to use in your promotions like the one above --

Then after you have promoted the new link, you will be able to see how many clicks have
been received, where they came from, the IP address, date and time.


St@tAnalyzer provides a feature-filled tracking solution for all members including:

bullet Click-thru statistics of daily unique hits for the past 14 days.
bullet The ability to track the open rates of HTML emails.
bullet Full statistical reporting for quick analyses.

Short URL cloaking for long links (, and including statistics showing IP address, date/time stamp and referring URL of prospect hit.


The choice of using a framed page including your affiliate link, or no framed page. It's up to you!




HTML Email Open rate and click-thru rates from your marketing campaigns.
IP address, date and time that your email was opened by a prospect.
How many total and unique prospects clicked through to respond to your advertising.
Which ad copy performs the best and generates results.
Which advertising vehicles bring the best response for your money.


Track the number of times your products are downloaded.
Solves your URL from 'wrapping' and becoming unclickable in certain email programs.
Provides confirmation of your PPC results.
Protects your affiliate link and deters commission theft.
Gives you everything you need to ascertain who is reading your email promotions and when!

St@tAnalyzer is ideal for affiliates, webmasters and program owners for tracking of:

Sales tracking, pay-per-click (PPC) search engines, email marketing, banner ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, search engines, affiliate programs, online contests, ezine advertisements, site links, bulk email, signatures, forum postings, FFA postings, free classified listings, surveys, paid classified listings, autoresponders, ebooks, message boards and articles...

In fact, there's no limit to the applications you can apply ad tracking to! Tracking emails is the newest, most powerful solution for all marketers!

When it comes to tracking, analyzing and testing, it doesn't matter where you live in the world, or where you'll be tomorrow... Whether you're a regular traveller, or stay in the one place with a dialup or broadband connection StatAnalyzer will bring you valuable information about your business marketing at the click of a button from anywhere! If you aren't tracking your email open rates, it's high time you started, because once you do... your income will undoubtedly skyrocket through the roof! Empower yourself today.

Do you need St@tAnalyzer in your marketing arsenal? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!
This is one resource your business shouldn't be without. And the price won't dent your wallet either... It's that  affordable...

Yes, it's true that you might be able to get access to free short URL services online, but they don't include a fraction of the statistical analyses data that you'll receive with! Where else can you track email open rates and find out everything you need to know about your promotions to receive an even better response every time you promote? Look around... you'll find the cost can be quite detrimental to your monthly budget! Here, we've made it most affordable for all levels of marketers to promote, analyze and increase their income from tracking their email and online advertising campaigns with very little effort.

3 Exciting Membership Levels To Choose From!

*NEW* Free Membership

You will be able to setup 5 email tracking campaigns that you can edit, update, and change as required. You will also be able to setup 10 short URL tracking campaigns. PLUS you will earn the same commissions as Pro members! That's $2/mth residual commission for every Pro member you refer, and $4/mth recurring commission for every Reseller member you refer! This is a good option for newbies wanting to try out our service.

Pro Membership --> Only $3.95/mth!

You will be able to setup 20 email tracking campaigns and edit, change, delete them as often as required, with an unlimited number of short URL tracking campaigns. PLUS you will earn $2/mth residual commission for every Pro member you refer, and $4/mth recurring commission for every Reseller member you refer! This is a good option for marketers that focus on only a few campaigns at one time.

Reseller Membership --> Only $6.95/mth!

You will be able to setup an UNLIMITED number of email tracking and short URL tracking campaigns! PLUS you will earn $3.95/mth recurring 100% commissions for every Pro member you refer, and $4/mth residual commission for every Reseller member you refer! This option is perfect for power marketers that need the flexibility of a no limits account to apply to their many campaigns.

St@tAnalyzer is truly a unique, affordable solution for internet marketers to keep up-to-date with the email open and click-thru statistics of their business promotions, and effectively boost revenue at the same time! This system is so easy to promote, that it's a hands-free way to earn residual commissions... And with our framed short URLs, your affiliate link is being passively promoted EVERY TIME YOU PROMOTE your own opportunity! When you think about it... that's DOUBLE promotion power!

Ready to get started? Simply click the Register Now button below to be transferred to the registration page.

You will then be able to select your preferred membership level and continue. If you decide to setup a monthly subscription through PayPal or AlertPay, once confirmed, you will have instant access to your account to start using our email and short URL tracking services and earning passive referral commissions.

Believe me when I say that registering for StatAnalyzer is possibly one of the best moves you will make for you business this year. I truly believe that the information it provides to you is priceless. I look forward to helping you to make a success of your business, and enabling you to utilise your advertising budget in the best possible way.


Rohit Seth

PS. Don't forget, with the easy affiliate commissions you can earn by using a framed redirect in your ad tracking, you can make your membership fee self-liquidating with just 2 referrals! And if you want to try before you buy, our free option makes that easily possible. That makes St@tAnalyzer a most affordable addition to your must-have business tools, and a safe solution to increasing your income. Make a smart move and register today! Just click the Register Now button above to get started.


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